Najduže žongliranje 5 košarkaških lopti

Svideće ti se i...

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  1. blueberry says:

    Da li je ova “devojka” nevina? Jer ako nije nevina, onda ne moze da bude DEVOJKA, vec ZENA. Tako da ovaj naslov ne pije vodu.

  2. Strahinja says:

    Da li normalno to što me ovaj snimak uzbudio ?

  3. klod says:

    ovaj snimak sam video pre oko pola godine negde na netu…

  4. Rantepao says:

    Thanks Adam. I was hoping to get a LIST of coiaenmps, not just the one you work for. Besides HBW, I found WFG, Capital Choice and others. They all appear to be cookie cutters of Primerica. HBW in particular puts just as much emphasis on recruiting as anyone, including Primerica. No company can fully regulate its employees, so all coiaenmps will have their share of dimwit agents.Its doesn’t matter really. Its like saying Wendys is better than Mcdonalds, or any other major fast food restaurant. The key is helping the public for less. If HBW, Primerica or anyone else can do it, who are we to say one company is worse than the other. Its like telling someone to eat at Mcdonalds instead of Wendys because its cheaper. Some people like and prefer Wendys. Same business models, different prices, both succesfull. No. #1 rule of business is never put down the competition. It makes you look bad. Show people the differences, and let them make their own choice. When you go to a clients house, are you showing them the difference between HBW and Primerica? or HBW and their Bank or Insurance provider. Bottom line: both Primerica, HBW and others Im sure, are helping people where big banks and agencies are not.Who is going to sit down and say shame on you Wendys for charging more for a hamburger than Mcdonalds. All your employees should quit and work for us. On top of that all your customers are getting ripped off, therefore they should all stop buying your burgers and come eat ours. Actually, lots of people will say that, but it is not a valid argument. The right to own a business means the right to set your prices.BTW, I was unable to find ANY articles on HBW which seems odd since they have been in business since 1991. They have an article of themselves ( or rather Raymond Berry ) on the cover of Sports Illustrated, by I failed to see the connection to finances.Final Thought: I live in Canada, and Canadians have a limited number of options when it comes to financial service providers. If HBW or anyone else can get as big and stable as Primerica and make their way north, I would take a look. Bottom line is that Primerica is all that it is cracked up to be because at the end of the day, people are financially better off than they were before, otherwise they would not have signed on as clients.

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